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Hello! I'm Umberto.

  • Motorsport
  • Automotive Photographer

To me, photography isn't just about shooting racecars and supercars.
I try to convey my passion through my shots, filled with emotions arising from motor racing.
On Racetrack Studio®, you will be able to look at pictures I took in close collaboration with some of the most important teams, event organizers and car manufacturers in the world.
I hope you will be able to grasp the essence of my photographs, which tell stories of men who pursue their dreams and undertake any challenge, of men who live on the edge, bound by an unrestrainable passion that runs on the thread of high speed.

Umberto Buoro

Our Services

Race Coverage

Photographic coverage service of on-track races and paddock moments for motorsport teams, individuals or event’s press offices.

Ad Hoc Photoshoots

Ad hoc photoshoots in open or closed spaces for motorsport teams, dealers and individuals. You bring the car, Racetrack Studio does all the rest.

Racetrack Studio Stock

High-resolution photographs of the most prestigious classic and race cars in the world, directly from our own repertoire, the images can be used on paper or digital publications according to world quality standards.

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